Dan Lopata

Live, Love, Listen

Morning Snow Run

Erie Station Middle Road Climb 6.42 mi 00:59 09:09 pace

Forced myself up and out of bed because 14 degrees was the temperature and was the projected high for the day, now that’s LIVING! 3 – 4 inches of fresh powder, unplowed, or poorly plowed roads made traction next to impossible. fortunately there was not much traffic as people are still on vacation, and for the most part drivers were courteous, except for that one guy in his Mazda and the other in his 4WD plow truck.

LOVED the 1/2 mile in fresh powder on the Lehigh Valley Trail North as it was stunningly beautiful. I would have enjoyed this run much more if I only did LVTN, but felt I needed at least one significant climb. I need to invest in microspikes, and a better headlamp to make trails the standard of my training through winter.

The body is odd. still dealing with niggles in the right ankle. Today was a bit more scary as it wasn’t so much the Achilles tendon as it was soreness, and tenderness while running in the actual ankle, suspiciously closer to where my stress fracture was. I’m really concerned about running on crowned roads, as the constant slope to the left, when I’m responsible and facing traffic, aggravates my right ankle. I need to LISTEN to this carefully and discern what it’s telling me.

Possible treatment today: some ibuprofen and ice to manage any inflammation; less intake of inflammatory foods, I think most of the holiday sugar is gone; and a rest day tomorrow before my scheduled 16 on Saturday.


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