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I need to research my Greek mythology, as Achilles seems to have my number

14 through Mendon Ponds 14.08 mi 02:11 09:17 pace

So, I’ve just about had it with my Achilles Tendon. It is tight and inflamed this morning and has me quite concerned. I’m taking tomorrow and Monday off to apply RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and will try again on Tuesday. I already took last Thursday off and hoped, because it was a step back week, that it would self-correct from lower mileage and rest. On the plus side I got a fairly comfortable 14 in today! Therefore my long runs are consistently on-schedule and that is the most important bit of my training.

Started off at 6:00 AM 47 degrees F. Shorts, SmartWool socks, Columbia Masterfly shoes (I wonder if this isn’t part of the problem), TNF tech-t, Nike long sleeve tech, Reebok thin shell, gloves, buff, Ultimate Direction hydration/fuel vest, and a new PrincetonTech Remix Headlamp (YES! highly recommend this up to 125 lumen lamp with 4 settings and no bounce).

The first mile included slick ice path, but managed to find crunchy snow cover in most spots to maintain traction. the second mile included Ward Hill, which is nasty little speed bump that I can’t seem to push through easily. I’m #3 on the Strava leaderboard, but only 4 people run this particular hill on Strava. At the top I was already over heated and so I lost the gloves and the shell. If you don’t have an Ultimate Directions Hydration/Fuel vest, I highly recommend it. I have the Anton Kupricka signature model which in the course of one minute was off my back and then my shell and gloves went in the storage in back and the vest slipped right back on. No bounce, weight distributed perfectly, It’s like it isn’t there.

The rest of the run was uneventful, save for the only car I came across in Mendon Ponds park that decided they needed to hug to white line, thus forcing me off the road, even though there was no one else in the park… I can’t wait to get back on the trails because there are no idiot drivers on the trails. Other than that, it’s always cool to run in the dark through Mendon with a headlamp on, glowing eyes peek out from every direction. It’s surreal, like a Scooby Doo episode. What’s cool is that there is no real fear, these eyes are primarily deer, and the deer are plentiful because by in large there are no predators in Mendon Ponds, including no human hunters which the deer are keenly aware of which allows them to be approached without skittishness. Periodically one will run across a fox, like I did this morning, the grace and speed with which they can move is astonishing.

All and all it was a nice run, particularly because Axis Bold as Love was my earworm this morning.


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One thought on “I need to research my Greek mythology, as Achilles seems to have my number

  1. I had a nagging Achilles for awhile. It definitely takes some patience and soft stretching. Stretch your calves too!

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