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Amending the concept of Grace

14th Amendment 2

As I was running this morning and stressed my ankle again, I got to thinking about how I can’t really afford physical therapy. My mind then wandered to people who are born into situations where they can’t afford anything, including food and shelter.

This of course made me reevaluate the concept of a gift that is not deserved. The gift of the circumstances you’re born into. This is another reason I don’t believe grace is a god given thing, because why would a god grace me with being born into an upper middle class, white family with all of the advantaged opportunities inherent to that fortunate event and not grace someone who was born into an underprivileged circumstance?

That said, if grace is given by us, as I postulated in my last post, it becomes even that more important that we extend grace/opportunities to those who aren’t born into it.

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One thought on “Amending the concept of Grace

  1. Absolutely beautiful post. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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