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The trail to MMT, 100 Day 1

So it begins. Rather than saying the Road to MMT I thought it better to stick with the trail theme, although it does look like I will be utilizing roads during training.

Dan Run

Anyhow, today is day 1 of my training cycle for the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run (MMT 100 from here on out), a little jaunt May 16th – 17th put on by the good people at Virginia Happy Trails Running Club (VHTRC). I attempted this run back in 2002 and was unsuccessful at completing it, you can read my report here. Probably not the wisest choice for a first 100 mile attempt but I had a good year in 2001-2002 winning the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) 50 miler in the Finger Lakes Forest and redeeming my 100 mile DNF by finishing top 10 at Haliburton Forest 100 that September.

… but…

I’ve always had a nagging itch about the DNF at MMT100. I’m sure I will get more into my previous attempt in other posts, so that’s enough for now. Today starts the training cycle that should culminate in arriving at the start line of my second MMT100 attempt. My Comeback has been moving along over the past few years, but not without its bumps in the trail. I sat out most of the 2013 season with a stress fracture of the fibula, but came back with a goal to complete two ultras including the Cayuga Trails 50 race in Ithaca to qualify for entry. I trained smart through the winter and spring of 2014, met my goals, closed my season out, and then promptly ran two events I shouldn’t have. First was an attempt at the Monster Marathon in Virgil, NY where I DNF’d at 13.1 miles because I just didn’t care and was fatigued. Then after having a great time sweeping 25 miles of the Virgil Crest Ultras Course I went to run the Danby Down and Dirty 20K in October and rolled my ankle HARD, DNFing at 6.2 miles. That was 7 weeks ago and my ankle is still not healed, and I have residual swelling.


So I start the cycle with a day of rest, and 6 miles on tap for tomorrow. I have a couple of doctor’s appointments tomorrow, one in the AM with my GP, and one in the early afternoon with my chiropractor. Okay, it probably doesn’t help that I’m skeptical about chiro, but the price is right, so I’m giving it a go. Once I’m done with that apt I will head out to hike/run depending on my ankle those 6 miles and see how it goes. I have run a few times since rolling the ankle so I know I can do it, but I want to be careful that I’m not doing more damage.

So here we go. Over the next six months I intend to journal about this process. I will do my best not to bore you with stats, paces, mileage, heart rate, climb, etc (unless I find it fascinating, and I will either link Daily Mile or Strava here, or you can find me there) but rather I want to share the emotion, the people I meet along the way, some history, influences, my running supports like trailsROC, teamFLRTC, the good folks at Medved, and most importantly my wife.


I must warn you. This Live, Love, Listen Blog is more than just running, I am a musician, an activist, a humanist, and an atheist, I will muse on a number of subjects both within my training reports and outside of them. Music and “spirituality” from the perspective of a humanist/atheist are among my favorite pastimes. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Welcome to the adventure! Feel free to share and comment, give advice if you can (I most likely won’t take it because I’m an idiot) have fun.


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