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The irony of complaint

Emerging Trail

Yesterday I sat in the doctor’s office – going through my umpteenth visit trying to get a solution to the pain that is stopping me from running and I thought about our students here at school and the irony of my complaints.

Today is “ugly sweater day” at school. Many of our students don’t even have more than a few shirts, so purchasing an “ugly sweater” wasn’t something that would be an option. Sheila teaches ESOL so the students aren’t from here and did not even know what this meant. I went to visit the class, we pulled up examples of “ugly sweaters” on the smart board and the funniest thing happened.

The kids LOVED them. As in. “OOOH THAT’S BEAUTIFUL.” Excitement, not getting the fact that these were supposed to be something you would NEVER wear.

They LOVED this one They LOVED this one

Sheila had gone to Wegmans and they donated a…

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